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Clients and Testimonials:

These are actual quotes from just a few of our CD Mastering clients. Also check-out our Links page for Record Companies and Producers we work with.

GospelCare CD...New York, NY...This CD features performances and songs by today's Top Artists. Clay Aiken, Sabrina Emile, The Skylight Gospel Singers.

DaStyx ... Alabama, GA ... Mike, Great Job! You captured our sound exactly as I heard it in my head. Awesome! I'm sending you an invitation to our record release party. Thanks again for the great music mastering job.

ABC-TV, One Life to Live ... Music for Soap Opera Series.

Mos Def ... New York, NY

ESPN Sports Channel

Starz Action Movie Channel

Divine Maggees...Thanks, Great Job. Really brought out the project.

Wayne Mathe ... Long Island, NY ... You captured my performance exactly as I wanted. Raw and with energy. I'll be back again when I record my next album.

En Vayne...Brooklyn, NY...

Thanks again for the great work.  Was listening to a band Witchcraft other day and thought, En Vayne can't compare to this quality...Put it into the cd player and yes we do!  If we record in the future we're sure to use your services again. 

Blodren Records...Hi Michael

I just proofed the Violent Knight CD, the mastering is excellent. Very happy. I was wondering if I could link to your website with my website. I would recommend you to all our clients for audio mastering. Please let me know.

Jason Carroll....

This is way overdue, but I have been extremely busy getting our CD ready.  I just wanted to say that our CD sounds GREAT!!  Having it mastered definitely made a difference, and this was very apparent when they played our mastered copy over the radio.  It just seemed to come out of the speakers very crisply.  I'm not a technical music person, so I can't explain it, but it was worth EVERY penny.  Thanks again for a doing such a great job, I'll be sending you a copy of the finished CD soon. Thanks,
Jason Carroll
Mechanical Engineer
Premier I Power plant/Fuel Systems
Raytheon Aircraft Company

TriVibe Records ... New York, NY ... Thanks for getting me the project back so fast. I just listened to it and it is awesome. You captured what the artist wanted. Great job! We'll be back with more cd mastering projects soon.

Judy Collins ... New York, NY

United Nations 1999 Concert for World Peace ...New York, NY

Ed Schaefer, Outland ... Long Island, NY ... Thanks Mike. Everybody loves the CD Mastering job. The instruments really pop out and it is very crisp and clean.

Tim Moses ... Brooklyn, NY ... You really cleaned up my mixes, thanks. I worked in the city and I can honestly say you beat out every engineer in there. Great job!

Bob Bohlman ... Santa Ana, CA ... Thanks for the great job on the CD.

Off The Edge ... Long Island, NY 

SS & co. ... New York, NY...Incredibly clean and punchy recording job. I was very impressed with the way it all seemed to come together after you did your magic. Thanks again...

Hiphonic Records ... New Jersey...WOW, What a difference. we were actually going to re-record some stuff until you Mastered it. What a difference. Thanks...

MHR Records ... Long Island, NY

Hague Appeal for Peace ... New York, NY...Thanks for putting it all together for us. It really helped bring the sound we wanted to the masses. 

Sarajevo Drum Orchestra ... Sarajevo, Bosnia

Aaron Meyer, Concert Violinist ... New York, NY

Nigel Gray...Gravy ... Derby, KS... Thanks for your work in making Gravy sound great, and giving us a product that we can be proud of.

Hadi ...San Francisco, CA....Dear Michael , I received the CD and it sounds awesome. I swear it really sounds like brand new music ,, I played and mixed these songs so much to the point that I never wanted to hear them again, then you did your thing to it and man its like I said, it's like brand new.  You truly are a master and I thank you so much. 

Slaughterhouse...Great job! The guitars and drums feel like they are right in front of us, exactly what we were missing. I'll be sending you all my audio mastering stuff from now on. Thanks!

Nylon Records...Luxemburg, Germany.

Vandor Music Group...Rhapsody International...Mike great job on my CD. We currently are charting on 6 songs. Thanks for the great job.

Salamander...Thanks Mike. Really great job capturing our band. I just recommended you to a friend for a project. Thanks again for the cd mastering job.

Dave Anderson Project...Drums are awesome and you really got the sound I was looking for.

Indie Dream Records...St. Louis, MO. Midwest indie record company and development firm. We have mastered numerous projects for them.

Ragga Lox...World Reggae Artist...The bottom end is great, nice and tight. Great sounding reggae album.

Kyree...St. Louis, MO. ... Thanks for a great sounding record. It's been awhile since we've worked together and we still believe you to be one of the finest mastering engineers.

Dr. Biggs...Rap Artist on I.D.R. Records.

Johnny Roth..."Still Not Talkin" Blues Extraordinaire.

Theatre of Life...Bob Caporale ... Thanks Mike. I am real happy with the way you put my compilation albums together. They sound awesome!

Phenotract...Eric Shans...New album of electronica. Check it out.

Emily Wells Music...Independent artist.

Big Mango Records...Hawaii...Fiji Album, 2003...The Island's biggest seller.

Darius Palmer...  Hello Michael, I am really happy that I've decided to have my CD mastered by you. You did an excellent job. I let my family and friends listen to the CD and everyone was just in "AH". You did a very good job and I thank you again and again. I will of course send you a final copy of the CD once it is printed and duplicated. All I've been hearing or playing is me. It sounds sooooooooooo GOOOOD!!!!! Thanks again. This is exactly the sound I had in my head, loud, clean, crispy, and punchy!  Darius

Platinum House Entertainment...Clarksdale, MS. You did a great job and we will continue to use you for all of our mastering needs.

Rob Piperno...Sounds great! Hard to believe how much better it is then our attempt. It sounds bigger, more low end and just more of everything and yet it is not muddy. Hopefully you won't have to change anything when you do it in the context of the entire CD. I will upload the other tracks.

Tal M. Klein...Transcend..."Hi Mike, I just wanted to say everything sounds so F***ing good. I can't believe how it sounds. I am so happy. Thanks for everything."

Jason Lazo...Don Juan Invitation...Thank-you very much, I am very pleased. You Rock and are doing a great service for the independent artist.

Liz Torn...The truth About Me.

Corey Tillman-Got IT Inc. -New album, Got It Boyz.

Terri England ... WOW! You're a miracle worker!! The CD sounds super! I'm still trying it out on various sound systems and I am impressed. Thanks!

Nem-Iz...Check it out. Let me see your Tattoo. World Premier.

Sunni Stephans... Mike, Thank you so much for all your efforts & making the music sound hot.

Gold 2 FF Records...Mike, Your work on the album "Explicity Christian" was absolutely phenomenal. The bass was lower and warmer. The melodies were clearer and the vocals "Popped" more. I will definately use you in the future.

Mermaids Journey...Thank you so much for doing a fandastic job mastering our CD. You really brought our songs to life.

Spacex...That Flavor Flav track you mastered for me is coming out Nov 28th on the Public Enemy Beats and Places CD. Great job. Chuck loved it.

Supple Records...Kust got it and it sounds great!!! Perfect even!!! You did a great job. Thank you for your hard work and patience.

Terri England...Wow! You're a miracle worker. The CD sounds super. Thanks.

Dan Junk...The first time I stopped by Music House Mastering and heard the music samples I knew that Mike was the guy for me to hire to master all my music.

Ron Hayden..."Thanks a lot Michael, you captured the exact sound I was looking for"

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