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Does Your Music Sound Weak Compared to Your Favorite Commercial Recording?
Does it lack Punch, Clarity and Detail?
Is it not as loud or as "In your face" sounding?

Is it less than you expected?

CD Mastering is probably the most misunderstood process that your music will go through. It is also one of the most important phases if you want it to sound "Big Label".


Your music might have been recorded at one studio and mixed at another; or possibly recorded and mixed at home. Either way, it needs to be optimized to play it's best on a multitude of playback systems.

It needs to be adjusted so that it sounds good on the best home stereo as well as a not so good car stereo or boom box. The right amount of E.Q. is applied to make the whole mix sonically acceptable. After this, the proper amount of Multi-Band Compression, and / or Limiting needs to be added to bring up the overall dynamics so your songs sound Loud and Punchy, without being distorted, giving you that "Big Label" sound. Your music will be Clearer, Punchier and more refined!

Like everything else, it requires a great deal of skill to give you the results you want. It also requires specialty gear, which we have invested a great deal of money in obtaining. We use only the best pre-amps, compressors and E.Q.'s during audio mastering. All editing is done in the digital domain until processing, when we then use analog gear to give "Warmth" and "Air" to the sound. After this, your song is converted back to digital using only the best 24/96 converters, so that a CD master can be made to industry standard Red Book specifications, ready for pressing.

Mastering Rates:
Our rates are per song, not per hour, this way you know up-front what your project is going to cost. We offer only Full Service Music Mastering, and it is the best available anywhere, Guaranteed! Sorry, but we do not offer basic audio mastering or limited music mastering. (Why would you even want something that wasn't the best?)

$99.00 Per Song
$475.00 Complete Album

CD Mastering Includes:

  • Media transfer to 24 bit /96 kHz workstation.

  • Class-A Equalization of all Frequency Bands using Pultec, Avalon and Focusrite E.Q.'s

  • Class-A Analog and Digital Multi-Band Compression by Urei and Avalon

  • SSL Stereo Buss Compression.

  • Waves L2 Limiters.

  • Stereo Field Optimization using the latest Stereo Imagers.

  • Bass Management and Optimization.

  • Apogee UV22 Dithering.

  • Nondestructive Editing (in/out fades, cross-fades, pauses, etc.)

  • Two Red-Book Specification Gold Masters, ready for Duplication

  • ISRC Codes embedded (if required)

  • Artist Name and Song Titles added for CD Players that display data.

We accept most formats for Music Mastering.
Click here for list of accepted formats and instructions on sending.

Click here for CD Mastering Order Form

Typical turnaround time for a complete album is 10-14 days. Please call if you need it sooner and we will always try to accommodate.

Very Important:
For best results, DO NOT add any compression, E.Q. or Limiting to the final mix. Individual tracks can be processed, but the Mix should not!!!

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