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Mastering Samples
Please Listen to our Before and After MP3 Samples to see what Mastering can do for you.
Remember, these are only MP3's...Your CD will sound even better!

Important...Please adjust your playback system to a medium level.

Click Picture Below for Samples by Genre (Alphabetical Order)
cd mastering          CD Mastering Samples 2          CD Mastering Samples 3          CD Mastering 4
   Genre A-F                       Genre  G-I                        Genre  M-P                         Genre  R-Z

Acoustic Folk Un-Mastered.mp3
Acoustic Folk Mastered.mp3

Acoustic Rock Un-Mastered.mp3
Acoustic Rock Mastered.mp3

Blues Un-Mastered.mp3
Blues Mastered.mp3

Blues2 Un-Mastered.mp3
Blues2 Mastered.mp3

Blues3 Un-Mastered.mp3
Blues3 Mastered.mp3

Caribbean Un-Mastered.mp3
Caribbean Mastered.mp3

Classical Un-Mastered.mp3
Classical Mastered.mp3

Country Un- Mastered.mp3
Country Mastered.mp3

Dance Un-Mastered.mp3
Dance Mastered.mp3

Electronic Un-Mastered.mp3
Electronic Mastered.mp3

Electronic2 Un-Mastered.mp3
Electronic2 Mastered.mp3

Electronic3 Un-Mastered.mp3
Electronic3 Mastered.mp3

Folk Rock Un-Mastered.mp3
Folk Rock Mastered.mp3

Folk Rock2 Un-Mastered.mp3
Folk Rock2 Mastered.mp3

Folk Rock3 Un-Mastered.mp3
Folk Rock3 Mastered.mp3

Folk Rock4 Un-Mastered.mp3
Folk Rock4 Mastered.mp3

Funk Un-Mastered.mp3
Funk Mastered.mp3

Funk Rock2 Un-Mastered.mp3
Funk Rock2 Mastered.mp3

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